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Eat charcoal-grilled Italian in Shimokitazawa!



Opened in Shimokitazawa in 2002

Aiming for a simple and delicious trattoria like Italy

Remember the food you ate in Italy


2 minutes from Shimokitazawa southwest exit

​The fish and vegetables that the chef purchases from the market early in the morning

Meat procured from a reliable and long-established supplier

All ingredients are safe, fresh and nutritious

Charcoal-grilling equipment is charcoal-fired oven JOSPERGLRILL imported from Spain.

Grilled at 300 degrees or more and covered with charcoal aroma at the same time

Of course, the only heat source is charcoal.

For a short time to bake with far-infrared effect

Vegetables, fish and meat will be surprisingly delicious

JOSPER ovens, which are still few in Japan

Please enjoy

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